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The Laura Mac Method isn’t only about learning valuable audition techniques; you gain confidence, insight and an amazing community. Laura reminds you of what it’s all about: having fun doing something you love! With what I’ve learned, I definitely feel a lot more sure of myself in the audition room.
- Anna-Maria Santina
The Laura Mac Method really enabled me to get out of my shell and approach auditioning and acting in a new perspective.
- Nathan Yan
The Laura Mac Method taught me what to work on and how to work on it. I gained confidence in my audition prep that took away the guesswork and allowed me to book multiple roles.
- Leah Hennessey Rai
I have had the pleasure of working with the Laura Mac Method for both commercials and Film & TV. This method has most definitely helped me in booking work and I can’t recommend checking her out more!
- JP Padda
The Laura Mac Method does not only help elevate your work up but also dives into goal setting and how important it is to be specific with what you’re working towards. Laura’s an awesome human.
- Nikhita Singh