Looking to build your craft as a professional actor?


Your Local Market

Research your local market, find out what projects are filming and start thinking about how your Acting Avatars will benefit those projects.


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What do you do if where you live now has no film/tv/commercial projects? Or maybe your Acting Avatars don’t benefit the projects in your market?

I’m from a small town that had no industry at all, so I understand the frustration of being limited by where you live. Use this exercise to figure out where in the world you would LOVE to work and live. Maybe moving isn’t in the cards for you at the moment, but knowing where you want to be is the first step towards getting there. Research the shows and projects that you love and that your avatars will benefit and find a city with a market that excites you.

*Tip! LA might be the biggest industry hub in the world, but it’s also the city with the most aspiring actors. Starting in a smaller market with fewer actors gives you a much better chance of getting a footing and building your career. Atlanta, Vancouver, London, Toronto, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Mumbai – there are tons of amazing places to live and work as an actor.

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